Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful for the Cookie Angel

We all know I'm a ne'er do well.  An underachiever.  A big "L" a ton of areas of my life. 

One of these areas is baking.  Another is gift-giving during the holidays.  Put those together and "BAM!" I'm in perpetual awe of people who "drop by with a plate of cookies" around Christmas.  And I'm not talking about Nilla Wafers all wrapped up on a plate--which is what I'd arrive with if ever forced into such an act of kindness.  No, I'm talking about homemade, painstakingly decorated, perfectly baked cookie goodness. 

These people who do such things?  First, I bow to your bake-tastic skillz.  Second, I shall forever dub thee, "Cookie Angel."

Well, one "dropped by" my house today.  You know who you are.  And I'm thankful for the Cookie Angel.

Look at those beauties.  I know!  Right??

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  1. Hi.

    Thanks for dropping by my site. I'd like to talk to you -- compare notes about our experiences with graphic arts. But I couldn't find a "contact me" button on your blog.

    Feel free to drop me an e-mail

    kingfisher crossing at gmail dot com
    close up the spaces and insert the symbols.

    Then maybe after Christmas we could share.