Monday, December 5, 2011

Laughter in the midst of turmoil

As I've previously shared, I'm on a personal search to rediscover laughter in the midst of turmoil and pain.  Of course I naturally gravitate to other people whose pain is similar to mine (marriage problems, relationship difficulties, day-to-day parenting challenges, etc.)  But sometimes I run across a blog or an article that describes someone else's search for laughter and joy in the midst of a different life crisis.

I just read this article on Bankruptcy Law Network (of all places) about the importance of laughter during bankruptcy.  This is a struggle I have yet to face.  However, sure's shootin' having said that, I'm in for it.  Murphy's Law has always been generous consistent with me!  Every time I've ever thought something like that; i.e. "I'll never have to face miscarriage," or "I'll never have to face separation or divorce," or any of the other "biggies" out there, they eventually seem to saunter my way. 

(Note to self: Please don't think about purple dinosaurs eating my house.  Please, please, please.)

Anyway, the article is neat because it also gives a brief history of an American icon who faced bankruptcy but later became a symbol of laughter, humor and joy.  Click through if you're looking for encouragement! 

Proverbs 17:22 – Sometimes Laughter Is The Best Medicine
from Bankruptcy Law Network


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