Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snort Laugh Saturday: Breastfeeding Humor

I figured I'd just spell it out in the title.  This post is about breastfeeding, and if that's not your cup of tea, read no further. 

I'm what I like to call an "Avid Breastfeeder" as opposed to a "Militant Breastfeeder."  I'm all about helping women to breastfeed as long as both they and their baby want to: whether it's one month, or several years.  As long as mom and baby are happy, I'm happy.  If breastfeeding isn't working, and formula is, then great! And vice versa.  I just want mothers to feel empowered to make the choice that's right for them.

I have done extended breastfeeding with both of my biological children, and to this day, I wish I'd been able to breastfeed my adopted children.   Breastfeeding has been a wonderful bonding agent for me, a Mom who isn't naturally the "nurturing type."  (For anyone who knows me, they'll admit that's basically a huge understatment.)  I can be strict.  I can be stern.  I can be a disciplinarian.  But nurturing?  It doesn't usually come naturally, and that's why I loved breastfeeding.  It was probably the only area where "nurturing" came easily.  And for that, I thank the good Lord. 

Anyway, I'm linking to an article published in The DC Moms about a woman who was kicked out of a local DMV for breastfeeding.  Yeah.  Ridiculous.  You don't have to be a "Militant Breastfeeder" to be incensed on her behalf.  Anyway, if you want to read the whole story, it's entertaining.  However, what I want to highlight today is the author's final remarks, which, if you've ever been reprimanded yourself for breastfeeding in public, completely ring true, and may also make you laugh out loud:

"Oh, and for anyone who is offended by the sight of a woman breastfeeding? This former nursing mom suggests that you carry a light blanket with you and gently drape it over your head if a breastfeeding mother is nearby."


The Right To Breastfeed
by Rebekah at DC Moms



  1. Hi Ruth--
    Catching up with you here. Sorry to hear that you've been so ill. Glad you are better. Really like your attitude toward breastfeeding. Wish it had been more prevalent when mine were babies. I tried and failed. My guys were preemies, and feeding was really hard for them. And, I didn't produce much milk. Realized that if I were truly to breastfeed both of them, I would never sleep. Literally, no hyperbole there. I pumped for 5 months, supplementing with formula. Both had allergy issues, and both did much better when I cut out the breastmilk all together (cause the well was dry). I think the whole feeding became more of a bonding experience for us when I was able to let go of frustration/guilt/sadness at not being able to feed them the "right" way. Really hope most moms have your attitude now.

  2. Rita, I am totally with you. With one of my babies, I had terrible problems BFing: thrush multiple times, bleeding, infections, etc. With my second baby, it was better, but I still got infections quite a bit. Sometimes it all works out blissfully, but that wasn't really my experience. One day at a time!