Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Post Where I Return From the (bloggospheric) Grave

...and other hyperbolic melodrama!


After my last post, I didn't get better. I stayed sick. For a month. In fact, I'm still not 100%.  Five minutes ago, I downed my nightly jigger of store-brand Nyquil, which should only improve the content of this post.  So aided by my drugs, I am finally up to posting again.

The other thing that happened is that I've had something new demanding a lot of my time. Well, someONE new, to be more specific.   It's been a wild and fun start to the new relationship, so I've been a little preoccupied. He's got auburn hair, and an incredible upper body.  We met online.  Here he is, with my oldest and my youngest kiddos.  The one in pink is particularly fond of him.  Scroll down to see him.

The story goes like this:  He was a rescue dog.  He was in need of a home because his previous family went through foreclosure and couldn't keep him.  They were moving into a condo, and had to re-home him.  Many people expressed interest in adopting him, but they clearly had bad intentions, and wanted to use him as a "guard dog" (or worse, "fighting dog.")  He's three years old and a wonderful family pet.  He is the sweetest soul, and although he just arrived before New Year's, he's already a part of the family. 

When he first arrived, we understood his name to be "Bertie."  So, we called him Bertie for several days, or "Bert," for short.  Only some of the kids couldn't quite get it right, and called him "Bergie," which would occasionally be pronounced "Vergie," or even, "Virgil."

And then we found out his name wasn't "Bertie" at all, but, rather, "Bentley."

So, now the good-natured fellow answers to all of the above names, and a month later he still gets called all of them.  The family is divided on which of his names we prefer, so he may always answer to all of them.  And that, like everything else, seems to be fine with him.

In answer to any questions, Bentley is a Staffordshire Terrier mix, which may include Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Stafforshire Terrier, and other unknown breeds.  Yes, this breed is one of the several breeds sometimes colloquially referred to as a Pitbull.  However, the American Pitbull is a different, but related breed. 

And whatever Bentley is, he is a sugar lump, that's for sure.  We're so happy he's with us.  He makes me laugh.  Now that our "honeymood phase" is over, I should be back to blogging more ;-)  And now, for any of you animal lovers, I'll be able to include regular pics of the new guy.


  1. Found your blog through comments on Centsational Girl. Fellow bully breed lover here!! Your new 'man' is so handsome. So happy to hear he is a rescue as well. Love it!

  2. Just found you through Centsational Girl...totally clicked over because you are pro-bully. haha We have a bully rescue of our own. :)