Friday, January 27, 2012

Anatomy 101

Our dog doesn't know it, but his life is about to change forever.  You see, he hasn't been neutered.  Yet.  But his appointment is already on the calendar, so it's a Sword of Damocles that he's blissfully unaware of.  I won't spoil these last few weeks of joyful intact-ness for him, by letting him in on the secret.

But with inquisitive boys around, his canine manliness hasn't gone unnoticed.  In fact, it's been the subject of several impromptu anatomy lessons.  So tonight, my nine year old son pointed to the dog's testicles, and asked me, "What is that?"  I was a bit surprised, since I assumed he knew what those were.  I simply stated, "Those are his testicles." 

My son responded with an equally perplexing, "What are testicles again?  His GUTS??"

A bit stymied, yet keeping my poker face, I replied (with a bit of circumlocution, in hopes that he'd "get it" since his five year old sister was there) "No, that is his scrotum."

At this, he suddenly perked up, and wordlessly bounded into the nearby bathroom--not ten paces away.  With the door wide open, we heard him bellow, "Where are my testicles, again???"

Side note: THANK GOD he at least had the sense to go in the bathroom.

At this point, my five year old daughter finally piped up, and shouted back in earnest sincerity, "Don't you know???  They are on your knuckles!"

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